We usually recommend root canal treatment (endodontics) when the pulp of the tooth becomes infected, either through decay or injury.  The pulp is the soft bit inside the tooth, and runs right through the root, carrying the nerve supply and nutrients.  When it becomes infected, that infection can spread throughout the root canal system of the tooth, and can cause an abscess which is usually extremely painful.

If left untreated the infection can lead to damage around the bone of the tooth, and the tooth is likely to have to be removed.

Root canal treatment can be quite lengthy – because the area we are treating is so small, it takes a great deal of skill and patience. At The Chequers Dental Practice in Salisbury, we have a lot of expertise in root canal treatment - Fawad Amin has a special interest in endodontics (root canal treatment), and all our dentists have an interest in this field.

The complexity of the procedure, combined with the need to let the infected tooth settle down before we complete the treatment, means you are likely to need two or three appointments with us. The treatment is very worthwhile, however, as it can make all the difference between losing your tooth and being able to keep it for many years to come.