What are dental implants?

Dental implants are strong, permanent and realistic replacements for missing teeth. 

The implants themselves are tiny titanium posts, which are gently inserted into the jawbone. Over time the jawbone bonds with the titanium, providing what is in effect a false tooth root. A crown or a prosthesis is placed on top of the implant. Implants can replace a single tooth or many teeth and can also be used to secure or stabilise dentures for greater comfort and increases self-confidence.

Dental implant retained crowns and dentures are not fixed to other teeth and therefore do not cause any further damage to neighbouring teeth. 


What happens during the procedure?

The area around where the implant is being placed is completely numbed up, so you won't feel anything. We have to use a drill, but it is very different from the high-pitched dental drills that so many people hate - all you will feel is a gentle vibration. 

 We will be able to provide you with a comfortable, temporary replacement.

After your surgery, we will see you regularly to ensure that everything is healing well. After the implant has integrated with your jaw bone, your new crown, bridge or denture can be placed securely. Loose teeth and dentures should be a thing of the past!


I am interested in a dental implant – what do I do next?

We advise patients to book in for a consultation with our implant specialists. There are situations when dental implants are not suitable, and alternative treatments such as dentures or bridges are better options. A written quotation on approximate treatment costs and treatment time will be given, as well as payment options including interest free finance.

The Chequers Dental Practice Wiltshire Referral and Implant Centre

We use 3D imaging and have our own CT scanner at the practice for your convenience to help locate the ideal areas to most accurately place each implant. Such modern technology allows us to plan and perform every stage of treatment to absolute precision.

For more information on how we can help with dental implants, then call us on 01722 329 959 or email info@chequersdental.co.uk